Marriott Timeshare Is Turning Green

At the Westwood Corporate Center in Orlando, Florida, nearly 1000 employees of Marriott Vacation Club International (Marriott Timeshare) officially turned “green” this past week.

For these timeshare company employees, going green, means placing a greater emphasis on recycling and environmental conservation. Marriott began their green initiative earlier this year in their Bethesda, Maryland offices and plans to take the philosophy and practices to their other corporate divisions over the next few months.

Marriott timeshare workers at the Westwood offices have committed to recycling the paper, plastic, and aluminum products used there at the business complex. Thermal travel mugs (courtesy of Marriott timeshare) now replace Styrofoam cups. Where the break rooms previously offered disposable plastic ware that spends thousands of years clogging landfills, new utensils and serve ware is a biodegradable product made from potatoes.

The product Marriott timeshare has selected for use in their cafeterias and break rooms is suitable for use even in hot liquids, yet it biodegrades in roughly 180 days. Appropriately known as “SpudWare” the cutlery and other products are produced by combining potato starch and soy oil.

To learn more about Spudware and other environmentally friendly products, go to TreeCycle.

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For a closer look at Marriott going green, watch this YouTube video.