Buy Timeshare; Satisfy Your Hierarchy of Needs

Are you familiar with Abraham Maslow‘s Hierarchy of Needs? The esteemed psychologist, Maslow, included the concept of the Hierarchy of Needs in a widely respected paper he published in 1943, titled, A Theory of Human Motivation.

In studying human nature, Maslow determined that we all share a structure of needs that we strive to fulfill in the same order no matter our cultural or intellectual status. For example, we don’t worry about needing friends (an need that occurs in the third tier of the 5 levels) until we have first satisfied the more basic needs for air or food, both of which are part of the first tier.

But which need level are we satisfying when we buy timeshare?

According to Howard Benedel, director of market research and analysis with Interval International, the growth of timesharing mirrors a societal desire to strive to achieve personal goals and agendas. Glenn Haussman wrote an excellent article that appeared in Hotel Interactive, in which he said, “A timeshare vacation facilitates that sense of achievement by serving as a platform where families can reconnect and have new and engaging experiences, which when combined with the comforts and spaciousness of a home sets the state for memories.”

Maslow’s third level or tier of needs includes the need for love and belonging with family and friends. The fourth level includes self-esteem, confidence, achievement, and respect by others, and it seems that buying timeshare works to satisfy needs in both these categories.

In other words, owning timeshare is not just a logical choice for vacationing, but actually appeals to us on an intuitive level. Bendell acknowledges this when he says, “Frankly, it’s (owning timeshare) become a mechanism to elevate sense of self worth and value.”

Go ahead. Buy timeshare. Instead of viewing it as a guilty pleasure or an indulgence, recognize that one reason owning timeshare appeals to us is because it affords a way to satisfy deep and intrinsic human needs. And if you buy timeshare as a right-priced timeshare resale through Sell My Timeshare NOW, you can even help satisfy that need to keep your finances safe and secure.