Sell My Timeshare NOW Employees in the News

Jessica Nason and Kayla Peach, Sell My Timeshare NOW

Recently the Dover, NH newspaper, Fosters Daily Democrat, ran a nice human-interest article about charitable giving. It was especially interesting to all of us at Sell My Timeshare NOW because four of the “humans” in this human-interest piece are part of the timeshare team here at our company.

Jessica Nason, Kayla Peach, Karen Gearwar, and Kevin Curran were each asked what they would do if they won that day’s $230 million Powerball jackpot, and were directed to give half the money to charity.

Karen Gearwar, Sell My Timeshare NOW

Jessica said, “I know there’s a lot of problems overseas, but we have to take care of problems at home before we spend money on other countries.” She explained that she would donate her $115 million to starving children in America; a concept that Kayla endorsed.

Karen was thinking along the same lines, and said her money would go to homeless children in America, while Kevin said, “I’d save animals that are malnourished and have been kicked to the curb. I hate seeing that happen.”

Sell My Timeshare NOW – Solving Problems Every Day

Kevin Curran, Sell My Timeshare NOW

It doesn’t surprise me that Sell My Timeshare NOW employees are eager to share; I see them giving every day with their dedication, hard work, and genuine commitment to helping people buy, rent, or sell timeshare. Because they know we provide a valuable service and that our company is built on integrity, they come to work enthusiastic about helping people enjoy vacation ownership at affordable prices or assisting timeshare owners who are ready to sell timeshare they no longer use. Either way, they make an important contribution to helping families manage their dollars and maximize their vacation experiences.

And in today’s overworked, overstressed world, that is a pretty important contribution in itself.

Call us at (877) 815-4227. Jessica, Kayla, Karen, Kevin, and about 100 other dedicated timeshare specialists are hard at work making good things happen for people every day.