Another Perspective on Fractionals and Timeshare Ownership

Last week I wrote a post called, Timesharing as a Concept Will Increase Timesharing as a Practice. And then, as if on cue, I ran across this bit of timely information reinforcing the idea that both timeshare ownership and fractional ownership will grow, simply because we, as a culture, are increasingly integrating the idea of shared ownership into our lifestyles and mindsets.

Last summer, a London-based company, called Fractional Life, held their first Fractional Ownership Expo. The alfresco-style exhibition was hosted in the city-center of London to introduce people to the diverse opportunities in fractional or timeshare ownership. The event was such a success that the company currently is hard at work preparing for Fraction Ownership Expo, 2008, to be held next month, again in downtown London.

Fractional Ownership Expo 2008

Fractional Life describes the expo by saying, “…the event caters for the growing number of people who want to enjoy a lifestyle of luxury items and experiences – without the ties, responsibilities and capital outlay of a complete purchase.” …hummm, sounds like timeshare to me.

Today's timeshare companies may offer vacation ownership property or they may offer wine and jets

Fractional Ownership Expo’s flagship sponsors are the Oceanico Group, a leader in luxury four and five-star residential and holiday homes offering high quality golf or beach amenities and, IFA Hotels & Resorts, an internationally recognized leader in the development of premier mixed-use hotel and tourism resort projects and luxury leisure services. Although the heart and soul of the fractional ownership event centers on shared vacation ownership property – timeshare real estate – exhibitors will include companies dealing in fractional ownership of classic and luxury cars, boats, yachts, aircraft and jets, wines, sporting passes and even handbags.

All of which proves once again, that the concept of timesharing really makes a lot of sense, even if I don’t personally understand exactly how you timeshare a bottle of wine.