Timeshare Scam or Just Poor Business Practices?

KCRA 3 News that broadcasts in Sacramento and Stockton, ran an interesting article, warning people about a problematic timeshare deal from Holiday Travel of America.

It seems that the company offers two round-trip coach air tickets and two nights in economy accommodations in Hawaii, if you sit through their timeshare sales presentation. Representatives of the news station tried it, and did in fact receive their certificate good for their airfares and hotel stay.

The certificate from the timeshare company came with the stipulation that it had to be used within 45 days or it would be void. A letter requesting travel dates, restricted to travel on Tuesdays through Thursdays only, plus the payment of a hotel and airline tax deposit followed it.

Too Many Complaints about this Timeshare Sales Company

Other people, who had been through the timeshare sales presentation with Holiday Travel of America, voiced complaints with the process. Many had trouble getting travel dates scheduled by the timeshare company. No matter what two days they picked, even within their limited choices, the answer always came back that those days were unavailable.

The KCRA crew had six different travel dates requested before they called the timeshare company to complain. They were finally offered dates in September, but were told they had to book on the spot, fax a written confirmation of travel with a credit card number, and agree to having a nonrefundable charge of between $75 and $100 placed on their credit cards.

KCRA’s article about the scam said, “The Better Business Bureau of San Diego said other people have had trouble, too: Holiday Travel of America has an unsatisfactory record because of a pattern of complaints.”

Finding the Good Deals in Timeshare Sales and Timeshare Resales

Good job of investigative reporting by KCRA. I wonder, if the current tough economy will bring on a rash of opportunistic vultures, who prey on people’s desire to enjoy a little vacation time despite budgets being tight. Whatever the situation, the advice is always the same. If it sounds too good to be true, it is. There are plenty of good deals available in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals, and you don’t have to sit through a timeshare sales pitch in order to enjoy them.