Dissent Continues Over the Royal Oasis Timeshare Resort

Sadly, I have been updating you on the news, and often the lack of news, about the Royal Oasis timeshare resort for more than three years. Here are links to the blog posts written within the past year on this subject. Their titles alone suggest that most of the news about this struggling timeshare resort has not been good.

The short version of the problem is that hurricane damaged suffered in 2004 was the straw that broke the camel’s back for this already struggling timeshare resort and resulted in its closing. Workers, timeshare owners, and all the ancillary network of people connected to the timeshare resort, such as vendors and suppliers, were all deeply (and negatively) affected.

In February, it seemed there was a ray of hope for Royal Oasis timeshare owners, when the property owners, Harcourt Development announced that Foxwoods Development Company (FDC) would manage the Royal Oasis timeshare resort property. But as of yet, the Royal Oasis has not reopened.

Now, in an unusual twist, the owners at Royal Oasis have found a way to annoy timeshare owners at a different property—one that isn’t even owned by them!

Unhappy Timeshare Owners Protest at Royal Oasis Timeshare Resort

This week, timeshare owners from the Freeport Resort and Club, protested in front of the Royal Oasis timeshare resort. The Freeport Resort and Club is a charming timeshare resort located about 300 yards from the Royal Oasis timeshare property. And therein lies the problem.

For many years, the timeshare owners at the Freeport Resort and Club were permitted to use a walking path that leads from their resort to the famous shops and open market, the International Bazaar. They have also had direct access to the beach, and playing privileges at two golf courses. But all of this is being denied because of the closing at the Royal Oasis timeshare property.

According to a report in the Freeport NEWS, Freeport Resort and Club President Jack Grobowsky, alleges that, “…certain rights of the timeshare owners have been taken away and they have been trying for more than four years to have those rights restored, but nothing has been done.”

Timeshare owners at the Freeport Resort and Club believe they were guaranteed these rights in the Bahamia Prospectus, and that golf privileges and the replacement of the former Bahamia Beach Club path are not being adhered to per the terms of the Prospectus.

Grobowsky explained, “We are here because we love Freeport and we know that it is not the Bahamian people that is doing this. It is the fault of developers who choose not to deliver on their promises and we believe that the Port Authority and the government make them follow through with the promises they make…We simply want our privileges and amenities returned to us, especially the shortcut access to the International Bazaar.”

Hope for Freeport Resort and Club Timeshare Owners

The Freeport Resort and Club timeshare consists of 52 timeshare condos in 6 circular buildings, which architecturally, could probably be classified as Midcentury Modern. The resort is not palatial, instead it is quaint and appealing with a beach décor and plantation shutters on the wall of windows that surround each timeshare unit. Ceiling fans and rattan furniture tell you this is a place to track in a little sand, laze by the pool, or try your hand in the kitchen making conch fritters with the fresh seafood you bought from a street vendor.

Obviously many Freeport Resort and Club timeshare owners love their vacation ownership, and for plenty of good reasons. If you are interested in owing timeshare at a casual resort in the Bahamas, this might be the perfect place for you, and I wouldn’t let the issue over the walking path or even the golf access be a showstopper.