Sell My Timeshare NOW’s Website Never Looked So Good

Have you been to our website lately? In April we launched a new look for our website, making it more user friendly and generally easier to use for timeshare buyers, timeshare sellers, and timeshare renters.

At the time, we did not announce the new look and new features with a lot of fanfare. We wanted to put the site in play…letting our clients and customers use it and report to us on it. If there were more improvements to be made, we wanted time to make them.

May was our first full month for evaluating the Sell My Timeshare NOW website’s performance, and frankly, we are very pleased. Despite the tight economy and rising cost of gas, offers to buy timeshare and rent timeshare went up at Sell My Timeshare NOW.

  • Sell My Timeshare NOW’s website traffic was up 22 percent, year over year for the month of May.
  • Unique visitors to the website increased 24 percent compared to last May.

But here’s where the news really gets exciting:

  • In May, Sell My Timeshare NOW received 10,466 offers to buy or rent timeshare. That’s a 135 percent increase over May 2007. And the amount of these offers made to timeshare owners was $37,979,158 – that’s right, nearly $40 MILLION in the month of May. That’s an increase of 131 percent!

To read the full press release on the Sell My Timeshare NOW website’s new look go to:

And to check out the look and improved usability of the site for yourself, follow these links to shop for great deals in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.