Shocking Facts about Air Travel and Your Timeshare Vacation

Timeshare resales are one of the few areas of the travel and tourism industry not hurt by the current economic recession.

The situation with the airlines in the US is getting scary. According to information released by the Travel Industry Association, 41 million flights that typically would have been booked over the past 12 months have not been. In other words, the US economy failed to earn more than $26 billion because travelers decided against flying.

Americans are unhappy (justifiably) with the rising costs of airfares. We don’t like overbooked flights, being packed into planes like sardines, or being nickel and dimed over peanuts, sodas, and a suitcase that weighs too much. The study, conducted by Peter D. Hart Research Associates and The Winston Group showed that most people do not think things are going to improve any time soon.

Twenty-eight percent of air travelers avoided at least one air trip this past year, which translates to 12 million business trips and 29 million vacations annually or about 112,000 flights not booked each day. Airlines lost $9 billion in revenue; hotels lost $6 billion, while restaurants lost about $3 billion. But we all lost nearly $4 billion in federal, state, and local government tax money that was not collected on these services.

The Economic News Is Still Good for Timeshares

Timeshares are still weathering the declining economy pretty well. People are recognizing them as a smart alternative to hotel rooms and are buying timeshare to lock in the price of accommodations at today’s rates. Timeshare resales are particularly strong because people understand that buying timeshare as a resale property makes good economic sense. At Sell My Timeshare NOW, offers run more than $1 million dollars per day to buy timeshare or rent timeshare advertised on our website. Over the upcoming days, when the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) releases their annual State of the Industry report, I will be providing you more information about timeshare sales in the US.

What Timeshare Owners Can Do During These Tough Times

Each one of us has to write a plan that is good for our families and our futures in dealing with the challenges of the US economy. But in as much as you can, remember that the worst thing that can happen to the economic future of the US is if we all stop spending. Instead, look for ways you can cut back in some areas – like switching from a hotel room to a timeshare rental, or sharing the cost of a timeshare with friends or another family. Millions of families depend on incomes from the airlines and the travel and tourism industries; and if we all stop spending, we will snap the wings off the airline industry and force restaurants and vacation attractions into bankruptcy.

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