The Timeshare Resale Solution

Read about in the new issue of Owners Perspective.

Owners Perspective magazine launched their first edition last week, and was proud to be featured in one of their articles. In a piece called, The Timeshare Resale Solution, our timeshare resales and rental advertising company was identified as a leader, helping to build the strength and integrity of the timeshare resales industry.

The article looked at the inherent problem of timeshare owners, who sooner or later, may need to resell their timeshare. The actual problem lies not in the fact that timeshare owners need to resell timeshare, but that the industry never really factored this into the equation when they developed the model by which new timeshares are sold today.

As the article explains, “Timeshare resales companies and timeshare advertising services may not have been part of the vacation ownership industry’s original vision, but denying the need for them would be akin to saying automobiles can only be purchased new through dealerships or that homeowners cannot resell their residential properties. Timeshares are hardly disposable commodities, even though they do not appreciate in the same way other types of residential or commercial real estate increase in value. Industry statistics place the sales price of new timeshare at nearly $20,000 per one week interval, however as resales, these same timeshare units may be priced 50 percent below the original purchase price. Much like the purchase of that new car, the timeshare buyer gets the benefit of using the vacation property, enjoying it, and at the right time, reselling it to recoup a portion of the original expenditure.”