Timeshare Owners Could Be Left in the Dark

In an article published July 15, in the Scotsman.com, Macdonald Hotels, Scotland’s largest independent hotel chain, is threatening to cut off power and water to Loch Rannoch timeshare resort. Loch Rannoch Highland Club represents 3,000 timeshare owners of 85 timeshare condos at Scotland’s Loch Rannoch Resort, which until 2003, was managed by Macdonald Hotels. In a decision by the timeshare owners, management was switched to Timeshare Management Services, a company managed by Edward Monks.

Somewhere in the change, someone failed to deal with the matter of water and electrical services, which Macdonald Hotels alleges now total £450,000. In a letter that The Scotsman says it has seen, the timeshare owners committee has been warned that unless, “full payment of the sum the hotel chain claims it is owed is made by 24 July the group would have no alternative but to cut off the lodges’ water and electricity.” …now that would make for an unpleasant timeshare vacation, wouldn’t it?

More to the Story at the Loch Rannoch Timeshare Resort

Opportunities in timeshare resales at Loch Rannoch timeshare

Based on the report in The Scotsman, there appears to be more to the story than who pays the light bill. Monks explained that they (the timeshare owners) had sent the hotel a check for £177,819 with the stipulation that it be accepted as payment in full. Both the timeshare owners, (led by Monk) and Macdonald Hotels agreed that the hotel owes the timeshare money for past management fees. On the other hand, the hotel says that the timeshare also owes them management fees.

But here’s the detail that may really be the sticking point. Settlement terms offered by the timeshare owners included the stipulation that they be allowed access to the leisure facilities at the Macdonald Loch Rannoch hotel, next door to the timeshare resort. They also asked that the management of the timeshare revert to Macdonald Resorts in 2010 when the current contract with Monk’s group lapses. The timeshare owners have been banned from using the resort facilities since the management change in 2003.

How This Timeshare Tale Will End

It is not likely that timeshare guests at Loch Rannoch will go without either water or electricity, even if the dispute remains unsettled by the target date. While the issues sound problematic, (and owing a half million pounds is nothing to sneeze at) matters such as these, have a way of being worked out.

Loch Rannoch timeshare is a lovely resort in an idyllic setting overlooking the sparkling blue Loch Rannoch. The area is renowned for its fishing and hiking, and overall picturesque tranquility. Let’s hope a little of that harmony rubs off on these two parties in conflict and they get this now 5-year old dispute settled.