Clearing Up Possible Confusion

I just wanted to take a few minutes and address some feedback that has reached me regarding the way we portray information about our company. regularly issues media releases and reports to the press on happenings in our timeshare advertising and marketing company. Occasionally, we also comment on events in the timeshare and vacation industries in general.

Because our business is built on policies of transparency and disclosure, we voluntarily publish quarterly synopsizes of our business trends, even though we are a privately held company and as such, we are not required to release an audited annual report to stockholders. Our research is prepared internally, and while we take extreme measures to validate its accuracy, we recognize that to some, it does not carry the same weight as data prepared by an outside source.

When tells you that the timeshare resales industry is booming, we do so because our numbers show an average of over $1 million per day in offers placed through our website from people looking to buy or rent timeshare. When we quote the statistics prepared by timeshare associations, other researchers, or other sources within the industry, we try to accurately cite our sources and credit them with their research. But when we quote an outside source, either here on The Timeshare Authority blog, in a press release, article, or any other media outlet, we never mean to imply that the source endorses our findings, our opinions, or our business disclosures. is a proud member of ARDA, CRDA, CARE and the BBB. We take our role seriously to portray the timeshare industry in a constructive, truthful and positive light. This is in our best interest as well as that of the industry in general.

Our goal at is, and always has been, to provide you with as much information as possible and then let you, the informed consumer, make the right decision about what is best for you, your budget, and your family, when it comes to vacation ownership.

If quoting our own findings and those of any other resource in the same article or press release has resulted in confusion, we sincerely apologize.