Shell Vacations Club Timeshares May Be New Owner of Coco Palms

I wish I could give you more background on this news item, but for now, we will rely on StreetTalk Blog as our primary source. According to a posting last week on their site, Shell Vacations Club timeshare has entered into a letter of intent with Coco Palms Venture II, Inc, the current owners of Kauai’s historic Coco Palms hotel.

The Coco Palms is a Hawaiian resort classic whose fame was enhanced when Elvis Presley filmed the finale of Blue Hawaii there in 1961. Almost all of the last 20 minutes of the film is shot on or near The Coco Palms.

In 1992, Hurricane Iniki did extensive damage to the island of Kauai and threw the local economy into a downward spiral. As the islanders rebuilt, virtually every resort was restored except perhaps its most famous, The Coco Palms.

Without repairs, the beautiful resort has sat unused for nearly 20 years, with only the wedding chapel remaining operational. If Shell Vacations Club timeshare is successful in its efforts to buy and restore the resort, it will be a wonderful benefit to the people of the island and the local economy.

Earlier this year, Hawaii State Senator Gary Hooser explored the idea of a joint venture project – perhaps a public-private effort – to build a park on the property. Whether Shell Vacations intends to be part of this effort, or if there is still any interest in such a park, is not known. Coco Palms Venture II has only owned the resort since 2006, when they purchased it in hopes of building a full service spa there, an idea that never received the approval it needed to move forward. Last year, the company put the property on the market for sale.

The citizens and the legislators of Hawaii are forever walking a tightrope, trying to balance the development necessary to maintain and grow their economy with their responsibility to protect their cultural heritage and beautiful environment.

And on that note, be sure you take a look at this clip from Blue Hawaii, and listen as Elvis sings the Hawaiian Wedding song.