Wyndham Fairshare Plus Program – Multi-Destination

Opportunities in timeshare resales with your Wyndham Fairshare Plus points.

The resort on the SellMyTimeshareNOW.com HOT 100 list that ranks number 85 is not one great timeshare resort, it is many great resorts!

The Wyndham Fairshare Plus program was formerly known as the Fairfield Fairshare Plus Program. It offers member/owners a multi-destination reservation system and allows them to use their timeshare points like dollars at participating Wyndham resorts. While you can use either Wyndham Points or Wyndham Fairshare Plus points the same way to book a week at a specific resort, Fairshare Plus timeshare points owners also have access to additional Wyndham-branded resorts that aren’t available to vacationers using Wyndham Points. With Fairshare Plus, you can select your destination, date, length of stay, and the size of your condo or timeshare unit.

The flexibility of Wyndham Fairshare Plus points makes them one of the most popular ways to own timeshare. SellMyTimeshareNOW.com offers opportunities in Wyndham Fairshare Plus timeshare rentals and timeshare resales to help you start enjoying vacations at Wyndham’s worldwide network of beautiful destinations.

Use your Wyndham Fairshare Plus points to plan worldwide vacations.