New RCI Report Shows Steady Timeshare Sales in Latin America in 2007

Group RCI recently released research showing that 876,000 timeshare weeks (that’s new timeshare sales only) were sold worldwide in 2007, according to an article in the July edition of Perspective magazine. The information is published in Group RCI’s Latin America and the Caribbean Vacation Ownership Fact Book 2007, and reveals a 6 percent increase in the sale of new timeshare (timeshare bought from the developer) over timeshare sales in 2006. Of this increase, timeshare sales in Latin America account for 30 percent of the total amount, or 261,000 timeshare weeks sold.

More Information about South America Timeshare Sales

Here are some other noteworthy facts about timeshare sales from the RCI Fact Book:

  • 57 new timeshare resorts became affiliated with an exchange system in Latin America in 2007.
  • Of the 1,154 timeshare resorts in Latin America affiliated with a timeshare exchange company, more than 750 of them are located in the Caribbean, Central America, or Mexico.
  • Other high-growth areas for South America timeshare include Brazil timeshare, Venezuela timeshare, and Argentina timeshare.

Stats that appear in the book are based on research derived from the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the International Monetary Fund, and regional Tourism Ministries and their affiliates. Ricardo Montaudon, President and Managing Director, Group RCI, The Americas, describes the book as a, “…valuable publication that offers potential investors and entrepreneurs interested in the vacation ownership industry an objective overview of the current state of the industry and of its performance last year.”