Selling Timeshares, Only Without the Hassel

Last night I picked up our ringing home telephone, except I failed to check the Caller ID first. If I had, I would have recognized that it was a timeshare sales call and then I would have done what most people do … I would have let the call go to voicemail.

But after I managed to exit the call (rather quickly), I started thinking about the contrast in buying timeshares, only buying them as timeshare resales compared to buying new timeshare. First of all, timeshares are spacious, available in locations around the world, and loaded with amenities for you and your family to enjoy whether you buy them from the developer or as timeshare resales. Either way you buy timeshare, you can select a type of timeshare that lets you pick the date, the location, or the timeshare exchange option that fits the way you like to vacation.

New timeshare or timeshare resales are the same product, so buy new timeshares only if you are prepared to deal with a timeshare sales pitch and to ultimately pay much, much more for your vacation ownership property.

What Makes Buying Timeshare Resales so Different

When you buy timeshare resales, you can make your purchase directly from the current timeshare owner, or you can let timeshare brokers represent your interests. Either way, you avoid the well-rehearsed sales presentations from commissioned employees who want to sell you a timeshare … regardless of whether the timeshare resort they represent turns out to be the one you want to buy.

And then the next time you get one of “those” phone calls, you can tell the caller, you already own timeshares, only you bought them at the right price, and at a time that fit your schedule, not because of a telephone call that interrupted your evening meal.

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