Selling Your Timeshare? Here’s How to Learn What it’s Worth

Are you considering selling your timeshare? Owning timeshare is a great idea, but time, lifestyle changes, health, and even economic ups and downs can lead you to the decision to sell your timeshare. Selling timeshare often means that you get out from under annual fees and taxes, and as great an idea as timeshare vacations can be for millions of people, if you are not using your timeshare…then it is time to sell.

Timeshare Valuation from Sell My Timeshare NOW

You know what you paid for your timeshare, and perhaps you even know what your timeshare cost you in interest and financing fees if you borrowed money to make your timeshare purchase. You can also look at what you have paid in annual fees and taxes during the time you have owned your vacation ownership property. But clearly, if you have looked around at the timeshare resale market at all, you already understand that you will not be able to recoup these expenditures in total when you resell your timeshare.

Instead, think of buying timeshare as being very much like the money you spend buying a new car. Your new car comes with a purchase price, for most of us it comes with financing fees and interest, and for as long as you own that car, you also pay for taxes, maintenance, insurance, and fuel. Yet when you get ready to sell it, you will not be able to regain the money you have spent on your vehicle.

Okay, so if you cannot resell timeshare for your purchase price, what is the right price to ask for your timeshare on the resale market?

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