Timeshares Could Help as AMEX Predicts Rising Business Travel Costs

American Express Business Travel has just released its annual Global Business Travel Forecast and Trends report, and despite a declining economy, travel prices are projected to climb. The report is typically published each September, but with the unpredictable economy, AMEX held off, wanting to better evaluate the impact of the rollercoaster stock market and the bailout.

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US cities where business travel is always significant will see increases in hotel room rates, due in part to international visitors. The AMEX report predicts that in New York City hotel rates will increase by up to 9 percent over 2008 rates, while rates in Chicago will increase by about 8 percent.

Although air travel rates overall are predicted to remain the same or about the same in 2009 as in 2008, Amex see business class fares rising by approximately 2 percent. The report also points out that while fares themselves may not increase, the add-on pricing for luggage, in-flight refreshments, and other services, has added as much as 15 percent to the overall cost of air travel.

Businesses Need to Look to Timeshare Resales and Timeshare Rentals as Savings Solutions

Back in the days when timeshares carried many use restrictions; they didn’t make much sense for the business traveler. But today’s timeshare ownership is marked by choice and flexibility.

With timeshare rentals available around the world, companies can viably look at housing business travelers in more comfortable and spacious accommodations than a hotel offers at a substantially lower cost.

Corporate timeshare ownership offers a way for companies to reward employees, a venue for entertaining clients, or a destination for corporate retreats and strategy sessions. When timeshares once could only be used in increments of 7 days, there often wasn’t enough flexibility to make them a realistic option for most businesses. But today’s timeshare can often be used in 2, 3, or 4 day blocks, and sometimes, even one night at a time.

Virtually every company in America is looking for ways to cut back on expenses. Timeshare resales and timeshare rentals offer a savings option that has been relatively overlooked by most corporations, but if they are smart and seriously interested in saving money, business America will take another look at the opportunities in timeshares and timeshare resales.