Foreclosure on Massachusetts Timeshare Property

In a blog post called, “They Wouldn’t Have this Problem if They’d Bought Timeshare Resales” which was published last March, we looked at the problems at the Navigator Beach Club timeshare in Dennisport, Massachusetts.

While the timeshare resort was in its construction phase (it currently stands uncompleted, with all work at a standstill) units were sold to buyers as timeshare intervals. People reportedly paid up to $16,000 for what they believed, and what was represented as, “timeshare”. However, the developer, Robert Reposa, failed (according to an investigation by Team 5 Investigates at file the necessary paperwork with the State of Massachusetts.

Massachusetts law requires developers to form entities and file deeds. Neither of which was done in the case of the Navigator Beach Club timeshare resort. In the mean time, the owner fell behind on the $2.2 million mortgage and construction, which was scheduled to be completed 2 years ago, fell behind, and finally screeched to a halt.

Last week, a foreclosure deed was filed on the property in the Barnstable County Registry of Deeds. The Massachusetts Attorney General has declined comment on the matter as an active investigation is underway.

Other Options in Massachusetts Timeshare Resorts

Unfortunately, the timeshare buyers at the Navigator Beach Club will probably have to wait this one out in court. We hope this matter is quickly resolved and that all of the people who paid for timeshare at this Massachusetts timeshare resort receive their money back. Nothing will compensate them for the time they must spend in addressing this or the disappointment and stress this matter has, no doubt, caused.

There are many other options in Massachusetts timeshares, and you don’t have to wait for them to be built or wonder if the deal is authentic. You can take this risk out of buying timeshare when you purchase timeshare resales—at completed and operational resorts—directly from timeshare owners. To learn more about the opportunities in timeshare for sale by-owner, visit or call 1-877-815-4227.