TATOC — The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees)

TATOC is the only elected consumers association to represent the interest of timeshare owners in Europe. TATOC works with all aspects of the timeshare industry including the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE), the exchange companies, timeshare developers, the Department for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform (BERR), and other governmental agencies.

Mission Statement:
“TATOC exists to safeguard and enhance the timeshare holiday experience for existing and prospective users and to be the voice of the owners.”

Formed in 1989, TATOC is a limited company that operates predominately as a networking group for members of timeshare owners committees.

The Objectives of The Timeshare Association TATOC

The objectives of the association are:

  • To promote the maintenance of high quality standards of facilities and amenities, and to encourage the efficient management of timeshare resorts through communication and education.
  • To lobby and campaign on matters related to timeshare and timeshare owners by liaison with trade industry bodies and government departments.
  • To actively promote the positive image of timeshare through all communications channels.

To learn more about TATOC, visit www.timeshareassociation.org
Or contact them at:
Manchester House
84-86 Princess Street
Manchester, United Kingdom
Telephone +44 (0) 845 230 2430
Fax +44 (0) 870 916 7223

To interact with timeshare owners in an online forum, visit The Timeshare Owners Forum for Sell My Timeshare NOW.