Court Rules that Man Behind ‘Crimeshare’ is Also at the Helm of the Timeshare Consumer’s Association

In Saturday’s The Timeshare Authority, we quoted Sandy Grey as a critic of the new timeshare regulations recently put in place by the European Union. Grey, essentially, was saying that the new timeshare laws are not yet tough enough to protect tourists from themselves. His statement appeared to say less about the laws and more about his lack of confidence in the consumer’s ability to make sound decisions.

Timeshare Industry Critic in Hot Water

The November 24 edition of the OTE e-News (Organisation for Timeshare in Europe) reported that the High Court in London has ruled that Sandy Grey, chairman of the Timeshare Consumers’ Association (TCA), is the man behind Crimeshare, a website found guilty of libeling many reputable individuals and businesses affiliated with the timeshare industry. According to eNews, “From the High Court judgement, it now appears that for a number of years Grey has been responsible for the publication of a web site that contained serious and defamatory allegations about many of the leading brands in the European timeshare industry.”

The OTE’s newsletter went on to explain that the Crimeshare website appeared under five domain names, and included personal attacks against both employees of and the directors of timeshare companies. Additionally, the website published blacklists that included reputable timeshare businesses. Among the 200 or so companies appearing on Crimeshare’s blacklist have been the American Resort Development Association (ARDA); Resort Condominiums International (RCI); and the Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (OTE).

In tomorrow’s The Timeshare Authority, we will look at the role Bob Trotta, well-known pioneer of the timeshare industry in Europe, played in bringing the case against Grey. And remember, to share your timeshare news and talk with other timeshare owners, visit The Timeshare Forum at Sell My Timeshare NOW.