Further Layoffs at Westgate Timeshare

Central Florida Investments, Inc, the corporate owners of Westgate timeshares, has closed its Westgate Houston Preview Gallery and laid off all of the 106 workers employed there.

The property was located at 5177 Richmond Avenue and included a full-size model timeshare complete with living room and fully equipped kitchen. It originally opened in 2004 and was the first offsite timeshare sales center outside Orlando.

Reportedly, CFI filed documents with the Texas Workforce Commission saying that the company had, “experienced an unforeseen business emergency brought on by the collapse of the credit markets. Westgate has been unable to access its regular and customary borrowing sources and, as a result, does not presently have the cash flow to support its operations in their current form without these staff reductions.”

The layoffs in Houston follow previous announcements of employee layoffs at other Westgate timeshare locations. The blog posts listed below provide further information about cutbacks and financial concerns at Westgate timeshare.