Print Version of Timeshare Owners Magazine Available Starting in January

Sell My Timeshare NOW and Owners Perspective Magazine, two reliable resources in timeshares and timeshare resales.

Already a success as an e-magazine, Owners Perspective Magazine will be available in print format starting with the January edition. The publication brings consumers, particularly timeshare owners and prospective owners, the latest information about the timeshare industry while creating a platform for businesses to build brand awareness within their target market.

Yesterday’s post on The Timeshare Authority gave you some overall information about Owners Perspective Magazine, but today’s information will give you a much closer look.

Owners Perspective Magazine is carving out their rightful place in the timeshare and vacation ownership industry:

They are scheduled to exhibit and distribute (so far) at seven major travel and property shows throughout the UK in 2009 with a combined reach of more than 300,000 visitors.

They are advertising in mainstream publications and distributing via a number of timeshare resorts.

Owners Perspective Magazine is offering white-labelled versions of the publication, and are in negotiation with major industry players.

The magazine attracts more and more fractional and vacation real estate companies to its pages, and its parent company, Perspective International will be the 2009 media sponsor at the Ragatz Fractional Investment Conference.

The publication has already won the award for Innovative Marketing at the 2008 OTE Forum in Madrid in October, even ahead of its official launch in January 2009.

It will always remain free to read online.

A special members area is still being expanded and will carry additional articles from January that don’t make it into the magazine itself, offering great reading throughout the month between editions.

And because Perspective International already supports Christel House charity, they are able to raise money for impoverished children by offering readers of Owners Perspective Magazine the opportunity to add £1 ($1.50) to their print subscription orders, money goes directly to Christel House.

Sell My Timeshare NOW is proud to be a partner with Owners Perspective Magazine as they continue to grow their readership.