Holiday Spirit at Sell My Timeshare NOW

Jason Tremblay, Melissa Fredericks, and Dora Carlberg

Every year the employees at Sell My Timeshare NOW collect food donations to help local families during the holidays. This year, our timeshare company worked with The Strafford County Community Action Committee, a Dover, NH area based 501(c)(3), that serves many different needs in our community, including maintaining a food pantry. During the month of October, the food pantry distributed 2,000 pounds of food to approximately 500 people in need. The SCCAC food pantry provides assistance to some 200 families each month.

As the economy struggles, so do charities like the food pantry – yet needs continue to mount. Adding to the challenge of declining food and cash contributions, the recent ice storm and power outages have cut into the food pantry’s perishable food supplies.

The continuing bad weather (along with the bad economy) will only make things worse this year. People will struggle to pay rising utility bills; homes will need repairs from ice and snow damage; income will be lost while expenses will pile up.

Please, in the spirit of whatever holiday you celebrate, or simply as an act of the heart, do as much as you can to help others who are struggling.

Share your groceries, donate blood, shovel someone’s sidewalk … give in whatever way you can. Your efforts, large or small, may mark the critical difference in someone else’s life.

You can contact the Dover Outreach Office at:

McConnell Center
30 Thomas Street
Dover, NH 03820
Telephone (603) 749-1334 • Fax (603) 749-3718

With warmest wishes for the holiday season from everyone at The Timeshare Authority and Sell My Timeshare NOW …