The Weather May Be Cold, But Timeshare Resales are Still Hot

Hilton Grand Vacations Club Timeshare Resort at The Flamingo.

The Sell My Timeshare NOW HOT 100 timeshare list includes two Las Vegas timeshares, back to back. HOT 100 list timeshare number 43 is the Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshare resort at the Flamingo Resort, while number 42 is the Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare on the Las Vegas Strip.

Both of these Hilton timeshare resorts put you in the heart of Las Vegas glitz and glitter, surrounded by the clubs, gaming, entertainment, dining, and excitement that make a Vegas vacation so much fun. And in different ways, each of these two Hilton timeshares offers you a way to be convenient to the Strip, but to also enjoy a restful retreat.

The Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare at the Flamingo is located on the grounds of the famous Flamingo Hotel, at the famous intersection where Bally’s, Paris, Caesars, and the Bellagio meet. The resort grounds are spacious and include rushing waterfalls, lush tropical gardens, and a sparkling swimming complex.

The Hilton Grand Vacation Club timeshare on the Strip is located at the north end of the strip providing timeshare owners and timeshare renters with 10 tranquil acres of resort property, perfect for enjoying the resort’s fitness center, interactive fountains, heated swimming pools, and whirlpool spas. Both properties offer spacious 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom timeshare units, complete with a kitchen, whirlpool tubs, TVs and DVDs, and a washer and dryer. Comfortable, spacious, and the Hilton timeshare name you trust when it comes to ensuring memorable vacation destinations with excellent accommodations.

Buy Timeshare — Especially When Money is Tight

Hilton Grand Vacation Club Timeshare on the Las Vegas Strip.

Right now, people are sitting on their dollars, trying to make sure they spend wisely in this unpredictable economy. But sooner or later, you will feel the desire or experience the need to travel again. Your cabin fever will get dangerously high, and you will know that it does not make sense on any level to deprive yourself of the rest and restorative experience of vacation time.

When this happens, you could shop for bargains at hotels, hoping to find discounts, knowing that even if you do, you will have to go through the same tedious process all over again the next time you want to travel. Or, you could make one really smart move. Buy timeshare resales – especially now, when the deals may be the best ever. Enjoy the convenience and affordability of owning a timeshare with excellent exchange opportunities that you bought at an outstanding timeshare resale price.

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