Westgate Timeshare – Doing the Right Thing for this Timeshare Buyer

Channel 7 News from Spartanburg-Greenville SC and Ashville NC, is reporting on an unhappy Westgate timeshare buyer, who recently received her money back. Quanisha Savage believed that she had won a vacation weekend in a radio contest. To her surprise, when she checked in at the resort, she was told that she had to attend an orientation session on the topic of timeshares.

After 4 hours in the presentation, Savage reported that she was, “… very tired and wanted to just get them out of my hair and it did sound like a good deal.” But buyer’s remorse set in quickly and several hours after leaving the presentation, Savage realized that she had made a mistake in agreeing to purchase the timeshare.

Calling Westgate timeshare, according to Savage, yielded no result. Two weeks after the purchase, Savage received documents via email confirming that she had 5 days from the date of purchase to cancel. Had she missed her chance to cancel the sale because Westgate timeshare had failed to respond to her in time?

After contacting Westgate Resorts, Channel 7 TV received an email from David Siegal, founder and CEO of Westgate timeshares. The email stated, “…Since we have to service our owners forever we don’t need to have an unhappy one like Ms. Savage. Let her know that due to your efforts (if you want to take the credit) she is getting her refund. We are a good company and certainly don’t need any bad publicity.”

Westgate Timeshare Did the Right Thing

The timeshare industry never needs more bad publicity, nor would, one hopes, they ever want to do the ethically wrong thing in dealing with a timeshare buyer. In this case, Westgate timeshare was not only doing what was ethically right, but if the facts presented by Channel 7 TV are complete, Westgate timeshare did what was legally correct for them to do as well. And David Siegal was most certainly right; no company worth its salt wants or needs an unhappy customer.

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