Timeshare Scam Clean Up by Spanish Authorities

Spanish police arrested six British businesspeople over the weekend. The six were all part of a timeshare business based in Costa del Sol. According to reports released by the AFP Newswire, the timeshare business involved offering: … bogus timeshare title deeds for vacation apartments in exchange for “major sums of money.”

Titles to the timeshare properties (and the same intervals) were sold repeatedly to different buyers.

Last week’s raid follows on the heels of other raids made by Spanish police on a company called Global Vacations, where sixteen British employees were arrested on suspicion of timeshare fraud. The Global Vacations employees have been charged with charging money to timeshares owners, assuring them that they had a buyer for the timeshare and that the money was needed to close the lucrative sale.

Watching Out for Timeshare Scams

During these tight economic times, criminals and fraudsters may become more aggressive than ever. After all, with less money in circulation, defrauding others becomes more of a challenge. Now more than ever, keep your guard up when you buy timeshare or sell timeshare. Deal only with timeshare companies that have a proven record of reliability.

Spain timeshares are some of the most beautiful resorts in the world, and offer many incredible opportunities. If you are interested in buying Spain timeshares, don’t let these stories stop you; consider buying Spain timeshare resales from the individual who currently owns them, or renting Spain timeshare as a way to explore a resort before you buy.