Silverleaf Timeshare’s Expansion Takes New Direction

Silverleaf timeshare resort in the Wisconsin Dells is making adjustments to their expansion plans.

Silverleaf timeshare in the Wisconsin Dells is expanding in a new direction…literally. After approved plans fell through for Silverleaf timeshare to buy the former Artist’s Glen property as well as another adjacent property, the timeshare resort company then asked the Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission for approval to expand on property already purchased from private individuals.

According to reports in, attorney Nancy Leary Haggerty of Michael Best & Friedrich, a Milwaukee law firm that represents Silverleaf timeshare, said that Silverleaf timeshare had asked the city to annex several properties and its developer’s agreement was contingent on purchasing those property (properties). Although the option to purchase the originally targeted properties has expired, Haggerty explained, “Silverleaf is still going forward…”

Fewer Timeshare Units in the New Silverleaf Timeshare Plan

Silverleaf timeshare’s new plan will have fewer timeshare units, but the design of the resort will remain the same. Instead of the 616 timeshare units proposed last year, the new Silverleaf timeshare expansion will have 448 timeshare units. The new layout will put parts of the Silverleaf timeshare resort on each side of the highway.

The split plan of the property will create a situation where timeshare owners may need to cross River Road. Safety issues under consideration include building a tunnel or walking bridge for crossing the highway or reducing the speed limit in the area. However, the local police chief points out that with a current speed limit of 25 mph, it is unlikely speeds will be further reduced.

In March, the Wisconsin Dells Plan Commission will meet to consider permits for Silverleaf timeshare resort regarding building heights.