The National Timeshare Owners Association and Sell My Timeshare NOW

The National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) is a timeshare owners association uniquely dedicated to the benefits, education, and well-being of timeshare owners. They serve as a consumer protection organization of timeshare owners and for timeshare owners.

Sell My Timeshare NOW is very pleased to receive endorsement by the National Timeshare Owners Association, which is the largest timeshare owners association in the country. In a mutually beneficial relationship, NTOA is excited to recommend Sell My Timeshare NOW to their members. NTOA CEO, Ed Hastry explains, “Our organization’s goal is to offer consumers every facet of information they need regarding timeshares. The National Timeshare Owners Association is enthusiastic about recommending Sell My Timeshare NOW with its full menu of services and proven record of reliability as a resource for all timeshare owners.”

A Timeshare Owners Association with a Strong History

You might call Ed Hastry an “accidental founder”. In 1997, Ed, his wife Mary Lou, and seven other couples were dining together when the topic turned to timeshares and the need for a reliable, informative source of information for timeshare owners. With Ed’s history as a former mediator/negotiator and board of directors’ member of local nonprofits and civic organizations, he was the perfect choice. And on that evening, the Maryland Timeshare Association was formed.

But as the timeshare association grew and thrived, it became clear that the Maryland Timeshare Association needed a larger stage. In 2008, the National Timeshare Owners Association was founded.

Ed Hastry’s motto is simply this, “Educated Owners = Happy Owners!” How can you not buy into that? Think of the many timeshare owners who have been disappointed with timesharing because they did not know what they were buying up front, or failed to know how to make the most of what they had bought after they became owners.

Follow this link to read Sell My Timeshare NOW’s full press release on the National Timeshare Owners Association. And return to tomorrow’s The Timeshare Authority to learn more about what the NTOA has to offer and what they can mean for you.