What I Missed at The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees Conference

What a beneficial three days I spent in England at the TATOC Conference … but there were a few stops I wish I could have made.

If you have been following The Timeshare Authority the last few days, you know that I was in England last weekend at the TATOC Conference, which is an excellent educational and interactive forum for everyone involved in timeshare sales, timeshare resales and rentals, or just about any aspect of the timeshare industry.

But for all the people I met and the knowledge I gained while I was at The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees Conference in Warrington, there is one thing I missed out on doing. I was really hoping to work in the opportunity to spend some time at the British MOSI – the Museum of Science and Industry.

England’s Museum of Science and Industry

I am hugely interested in luxury cars – especially the Rolls-Royce. The MOSI, which is located in Manchester, England, just so happens to be in the town where Frederick Henry Royce teamed up with Charles Rolls, meeting first at the historic Midland Manchester Hotel. By 1904, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars had made its international debut at the Paris Salon exhibiting two, three, and four cylinder automobiles of the highest standards in quality available at the time. (And in my humble opinion, I think the Rolls-Royce still means the finest quality automobile in the world today.)

While the MOSI houses exhibits to the early history of Rolls-Royce, production demand at the growing company soon caused them to outgrow Manchester. Today the Goodwood factory in West Sussex, England is the modern day home to Rolls-Royce.

Goodwood is certainly another destination I would love to visit. As I understand, this unique property will be accepting tours again, sometime later this year.

The Goodwood building is a one of a kind facility in which the roof is planted with thousands of living sedum plants, which change color with the seasons and provide a natural habitat to insects and rare birds. The exterior walls of the building are paneled with cedar louvers that automatically adjust to ambient light levels preventing glare inside the building. No wonder the company describes this facility as a “fitting spiritual and emotional home for the most prestigious car company in the world.”

And the more you learn about Rolls-Royce the more interesting their business model becomes, especially in view of the fact that the company saw their sales increase by 20 percent in 2008. How’s that for amazing in view of the current global economy? Clearly both as a businessperson and as an aficionado of the Rolls-Royce, I am going to have to spend time exploring the company’s history and tradition on my next trip to the UK.

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