Good Job Timeshare Brokerage Services!

Sell My Timeshare NOW offers flexibility in timeshare sales services, with options to suit the need of every timeshare seller or buyer.

Some timeshare owners sell timeshare themselves, advertising it on our Sell My Timeshare NOW website. Other timeshare owners prefer to let a licensed real estate broker handle the process for them from start to finish. For those timeshare owners, we offer Timeshare Broker Services.

As a division of Sell My Timeshare NOW, Timeshare Broker Services is a successful fee-based timeshare brokerage that continues to demonstrate that timeshares are selling on the resale market despite the downturn in the economy. In 2008, Timeshare Broker Services closed sales on more than $12 million in timeshare resales. And this year, the number of timeshares sold has increased by 10 percent over this same time last year.

Don Nadeau is a licensed real estate broker and the managing director of Timeshare Broker Services. Don says, “Last year we sold over 900 timeshare resales at Timeshare Broker Services, and we took our commissions after the sale on each one of them. This attests to the strength, integrity, and customer-centric services of our company, and bears out the fact that we provide a much-needed service in the timeshare industry today.”

What Makes Timeshare Brokerage Services Stand Out

Timeshare Broker Services has built its success on a single strategic axiom. As Don reminds people, “We actually sell timeshare!”

Follow this link to read the full Sell My Timeshare NOW press release about the continuing success of Timeshare Broker Services. Or visit their website at

And if you are planning on attending the ARDA Convention next week in Orlando, be sure you look for representatives of Timeshare Broker Services there.