The Timeshare Authority Podcasts

New podcasts from The Timeshare Authority update you on timeshare news and events.

Starting today and periodically in the future, The Timeshare Authority will be adding podcasts to our timeshare blog. We will use these podcasts to keep you apprised of some of the most interesting and informative happenings in timeshares and vacation ownership.

When members of the Sell My Timeshare NOW team or I travel and participate in timeshare conferences and events, we have the opportunity to capture the thoughts and ideas of the leaders and most innovative thinkers in the timeshare industry today. From time to time, Steve Luba, director of communications at Sell My Timeshare NOW, will be conducting interviews with the people who are at the very heartbeat of the timeshare and vacation ownership industries and we will be posting those interviews, along with other informative updates, here on The Timeshare Authority in the form of audio files called, podcasts.

Timeshare Information Podcasts for More Timeshare News and Updates

By adding podcasting as a regular feature of our blog, we are able to take advantage of a valuable communication tool. The podcasts will be brief, (2 to 3 minutes most of the time) to fit nicely into your busy schedule. And they will be fact-filled to help you make informed decisions with reliable information when you want to buy timeshare or sell timeshare on the resale market or take advantage of the opportunities in timeshare rentals.

You will be able to click and play the podcasts from the homepage of The Timeshare Authority blog. You will also be able to subscribe to them by clicking on this icon: Subscribe To The Timeshare Authority Podcasts When you subscribe to them, you automatically will be updated every time there is new timeshare podcast content posted here.

Subscribing to The Timeshare Authority Blog

While we are on the subject of “subscribing to the blog” this is a good time to remind you that you can be notified of all updates to the blog by clicking on the icon in the upper right hand of this web page that looks like this: Subscribe To The Timeshare Authority

A RSS feed makes it easy to know when a blog or website posts new content or new information. If you are not familiar with RSS, it is a really simple and useful way to track updates to any blog you frequent – it is so simple, that RSS actually stands for “Really Simple Syndication”.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer version 7 or newer or Firefox, as your browser (the program you use to surf the internet) you will find they include the RSS function. Google toolbar and Yahoo toolbar offer RSS add-ons. There are also other options for receiving The Timeshare Blog updates, like using RSS Reader, Sharp Reader, or News Gator; if these interest you, just Google their names to learn more.

We are excited about the podcasts because they add a new dimension to The Timeshare Authority blog and a new way for you to stay on top of the latest developments in timeshare sales and timeshare resales and all the news of timesharing. Please be patient with us over the next few weeks as we work out the fine points of delivering you this new resource for timeshare information, making it easily accessible through as many channels as possible.