The Timeshare Association (Timeshare Owners and Committees) Helping Timeshare Owners

Europe’s Timeshare Association (TATOC) finds new and beneficial ways to improve timeshare ownership in Europe and the timeshare industry overall.

Last year, TATOC (the Timeshare Association Timeshare Owners and Committees) launched the HelpLine to handle concerns and complaints by timeshare owners. After its first full year, TATOC’s helpline believes it can conservatively say it has saved timeshare owners more than £1million (that’s close to 1.5 million US dollars).


In 2008, the TATOC HelpLine handled over 6,000 calls of which about 60 percent were general inquiries with the other 40 percent being complaints. The service is offered at no charge and in the first two months of 2009, handled more than 1400 calls. With the increase in call volume, The Timeshare Association Timeshare Owners and Committees has already begun enhancing services, opening a new office in central Manchester, (England) and recruiting additional employees.

Harry Taylor, TATOC’s chief executive says, “We have a good team in place, excellent office facilities and the knowledge and expertise of the timeshare industry to focus exclusively on the interests of timeshare owners and prospective owners,” he added.

The number to call in Europe is: 0845 230 2430.

To learn more about how TATOC, the only elected consumers’ association to represent the interests of timeshare owners in Europe, helps protect and enhance services, visit their website at:

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