Timeshare PR Veteran Shares Her Expertise with Philanthropic Cause that Has Very Personal Significance

Sharon Drechsler, a well-known and respected name in the timeshare industry has been appointed director of marketing at Sail Through Cancer, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt foundation. Sail Through Cancer is dedicated to encouraging boat owners to volunteer their time and the use of their boats in the Armada of Hope, a program designed to enrich the lives of cancer survivors.

Drechsler has operated her own public relations company, Drechsler Communications, for years, and represents businesses in the timeshare, travel, and boating industries. She is a contributing editor for Resort Trades and Resort Trades’ Management & Operations magazine. Sharon has also lived through the cancer experience with her husband Dick Drechsler, whose soon to be released book, Manning Up in Alaska, documents his experience.

At the time of his illness, Dick Drechsler, sold his business, Resort WIFI, (a high-speed, wireless internet provider that serviced the timeshare resort industry). He then used his love of sailing to help him battle his way through cancer. Surviving stage III neck and throat cancer, Drechsler made a 2600-mile sailing odyssey, which he chronicled first online, and now in his book Manning Up In Alaska. It was a journey he believes helped save his life and change his soul.

Sharon Drechsler’s first project will be promoting the book, which will be a principle fundraiser for the foundation. “Who can better help promote this cause that helps cancer patients and survivors than one who loyally stood by a loved one through their suffering?” says Wes J. Fox, member of Sail Through Cancer’s Board of Directors, in speaking of Sharon.