You Need Spain Timeshare Resales and Rentals to Make that Spanish Holiday Vacation Affordable

Spain is always a popular destination for vacationers from the US and the UK, and Spain timeshare is typically some of the most beautiful in the world. This year, Spain timeshare is looking more attractive than ever.

At last week’s Loving Andalucía British Tourist Trade Forum, held in the beautiful port city of Malaga in southern Spain, Spanish Tourist Board Director, Ignacio Vasallo, said that the region, including the Costa del Sol, welcomed nearly half a million British vacationers in the first quarter of 2009. This represents an 18 percent decline over last year and tourism officials think it reflects how the pound is struggling against the Euro. Overall, UK visitors to Spain have declined by 17.7 percent over last year.

Spain timeshare resales at the beautiful Alanda Club Marbella.

During the conference, officials urged some 100 Spanish hoteliers in attendance not to raise prices to compensate for the decline in bookings, but instead to lower them to help balance the challenges of exchange rates. Logical advice, but often hard to follow when hotel management must find a way to pay bills, just like everyone else.

Travel Weekly UK reports that travel and tourism industry experts including the Association of Independent Tour Operators’ Derek Moore says, “Spanish hoteliers had already been too slow to react to the economic crisis, which took off last autumn by refusing to reduce prices then. ‘The damage has already been done’.

Monarch Group’s overseas director and head of purchasing, Hugh Morgan agreed: “A lot of hoteliers have been really complacent, they take the view that the British will come. They’ve taken us for granted.

Spain Timeshares are an Obvious Consumer Solution, Especially Spain Timeshare Resales

When the big picture deals with economic recession on a global level and the challenges of exchange rates, you are dealing with problems that are not quickly resolved. As corporations, economists, and political leaders struggle to find solutions, an immediate answer for helping the consumer is already available and waiting.

Spain timeshare resales and Spain timeshare for rent are an attractive, affordable vacation accommodation option. The prices are competitive, the resorts are elegant, and the charm of a vacation to Spain can be too tempting to pass up.

Whether hotel rooms in Spain hold their price or hoteliers are forced to bring prices down in order to continue to fill beds, hotels are not likely to ever be genuinely comparable with the opportunities in Spain timeshare resales and Spain timeshare for rent.