Timeshare Exchange Offers New Benefits and Services

We always try to remind timeshare owners that there are many different timeshare exchange companies, offering differing levels of benefits and services. Most timeshare owners are very familiar with Interval International (II) and Resort Condominium International (RCI). And while II and RCI are the two largest and best-known names in timeshare exchange, some of the smaller companies may offer services that are a better fit for your particular vacation and travel needs.

Dial An Exchange Timeshare Exchange Offers New Services

Dial An Exchange is known for its simplified approach to timeshare exchange, meaning that you won’t get a headache trying to figure out exchange rules or member benefits. Available 24/7, DAE offers online services for searching, holding, booking or confirming your timeshare exchange, as a real-time transaction.

In response to requests from many Dial An Exchange members, DAE is offering Gold Advantage as a premium membership product. Members of Gold Advantage receive enhanced membership and lifestyle benefits, designed to add value to their timeshare ownership experience.

CEO Francis Taylor says, “During the past few years, our North American members have made frequent inquiries concerning opportunities for placing priority “requests” and receiving early notice of inventory or cruise availability. We knew the timing was right to introduce this premium membership product.”

DAE expects the new Gold Advantage timeshare exchange program to be very popular with the company’s more than 250,000 members worldwide. Some of the benefits offered by Gold Advantage will vary from region to region. Benefits available everywhere, include, but are not limited to:

  • Advance notice of new inventory.
  • 10 percent discount on every timeshare exchange and bonus week purchase.
  • And, priority timeshare requests.

DAE’s partnership offerings with CSA Travel Protection, AZ Travel Center, and others are designed to make being a timeshare owner and member of Dial An Exchange even more beneficial than ever before for North American members of Gold Advantage.

To learn more about Dial An Exchange, and Gold Advantage timeshare exchange membership, visit their website at www.daelive.com. And to learn about all the best opportunities to buy timeshare, rent timeshare or sell timeshare, contact the vacation ownership specialists at Sell My Timeshare NOW.