Timeshare Owners Publication Launching Fractional Property Guide

Owners Perspective Magazine is a successful publication directed to the needs and interests of timeshare owners. Launched online in July of 2008 and in print in January of this year, Owners Perspective Magazine provides both an information platform as well as a way for the timeshare industry to showcase services to timeshare owners and prospective owners.

In recent months, the editors of Owners Perspective Magazine have recognized a trend toward higher interest in articles about fractional ownership and an increasing response by readers seeking more information from advertisers about fractional properties. With this in mind, the new Fractional Property Guide from the publishers of Owners Perspective Magazine will officially launch on July 1, with a soft launch already in place. To see the new Fractional Property Guide during its test and evaluation phase go to:


A Stand Out in the Timeshare Industry

Paul Mattimoe, CEO of Perspective International, (owners and publishers of both publications, as well as other timeshare industry magazines, websites, and directories) says, “Whilst there are several other excellent websites that provide property listings for fractional ownership, we have been compelled to produce ours through demand from our consumer magazine readership which reaches more than 42,000 prospective buyers each month.”

Instead of measuring the magazine’s outreach in terms of “hits” or “clicks”, Mattimoe points out that the publications uses a more targeted approach, providing readers with inquiry forms direct to the advertisers. “It is essential,” Mattimoe adds, “for us to continue to differentiate ourselves from competitors and our offline reach is the key ingredient here.”