Timeshare Sales and Timeshare Resales … Straight Talk Matters

Have you noticed headlines about timeshare ownership or vacation resort property that warn you, “Timeshare Owners Can’t Resell Timeshare,” but the next day claim, “Timeshare Sales and Timeshare Resales are Gaining”?

Or how about the news from some timeshare sales companies that business is in a major slump only to follow that news in a few days or a few weeks by news with the same timeshare sales company claiming its business is rebounding and it is opening new resorts?

Mixed messaging is confusing. And frankly, it is sometimes a red flag that a company doesn’t have a firm grasp on what is happening internally. After the year we’ve all been through economically, watching pillars and icons of business crumble and fall, corporate mixed messaging no longer fools anyone.

In today’s business climate, consumers value consistency. A business may not be the biggest, sell the most, or offer the most different types of services in its field, but if it is consistent in what it delivers and honest in the message it sends, then let’s face it; we feel a lot more comfortable spending our money there.

Everyone is tired of the rollercoaster ride. Now consumers are sending their own message: “If your business is good, tell us; and if it is mediocre or even poor, tell us that, too. We are all watching our dollars and cents and any corporation or company that does not shoot straight with us is not likely to earn our trust.”

The Consistent, Reliable Message of Sell My Timeshare NOW

Sell My Timeshare NOW has been telling you the same thing for nearly six years—our timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising business is good and we are growing. As both the consumer economy and the state of the industry have changed, we’ve made changes too. But our press releases, our advertising, our quarterly financial synopses, and our blog have all delivered a message of timeshare sales, timeshare rentals, new services, new staff, growth, and an ever-increasing level of leadership and participation in shaping our industry. There is no mixed messaging here.

We are not the biggest company in America or even the biggest in the timeshare business. We are not the oldest, the one with the most offices, or with the flashiest advertising. Instead, we are Sell My Timeshare NOW, a fast-growing, forward thinking, reliable, and straight shooting company.

Here are the twelve most recent media announcements Sell My Timeshare NOW has released since January 2009. The headlines tell the story …

  1. New Booking Service in Timeshare Rentals Means Huge Vacation Savings Paired With the Ease of Online Reservations
  2. Timeshare Resales Offers up 56 Percent on HOT 100 List as Americans Seek Vacation Savings
  3. Timeshare Sales Management Expansion Part of Sell My Timeshare NOW’s Critical Growth Plan
  4. Sell My Timeshare NOW Reports 95 Percent Growth in Offers During the First Quarter 2009
  5. Timeshare Resales Advertising Executive Takes on Role as Myth Buster
  6. Timeshare Resales CEO Part of Speakers Panel for National Timeshare Owners Association
  7. Timeshare Broker Company Continues Success in a Down Economy
  8. Sell My Timeshare NOW CEO to Speak on Timeshare Resales Panel at TATOC Conference
  9. Timeshare Resales Company, Sell My Timeshare NOW Announces Hiring of President and COO
  10. National Timeshare Owners Association Endorses Sell My Timeshare NOW
  11. Timeshare Sales Advertising Leader Hires Jay Bade to Head Business Development
  12. Despite the Economy, Consumers Are Buying and Renting Timeshare Resales and Sell My Timeshare NOW Has the Numbers to Prove It