Caribbean Timeshare in Jamaica, Maybe Sooner than You Think

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The Jamaican government is not wasting any time pushing forward their efforts to expand in the Caribbean timeshare market. On July 1, the Jamaican Minister of Tourism, Edmund Bartlett, announced at the weekly Post Cabinet press briefing in Kingston that the initiative (to move timeshare forward quickly) is part of the Jamaican government’s continued efforts to increase foreign exchange earnings. He went on to add, according to the Jamaican Information Service, that vacation ownership legislation will speak directly to fractional ownership of property in resort areas.

Minister Bartlett explains, “It’s (timeshare) a very powerful programme that has brought thousands of visitors into countries and has brought huge investments.” He pointed out that the Jamaican government is working to address (in advance) the types of issues that can arise when existing real estate laws are applied to timeshares and fractionals.

Caribbean Timeshare is Important to Local Economies

Jamaica, like other countries in the Caribbean, relies heavily on tourism dollars, and it makes sense that strengthening and refining Jamaican timeshare regulations will go a long way to attracting more timeshare developers, more timeshare buyers and renters, and more timeshare tourists dollars spent in all aspects of the country’s vacation industry.

Jamaican timeshare ‘Mon’!

Here’s a short look at Negril Bay, Jamaica from the Travel Channel: