Bluegreen Timeshare Company Expanding Its Facilities and Services

As another positive indicator that the timeshare industry is, in fact, weathering the economic recession, Bluegreen timeshare announced this week that it is entering into an agreement to provide service and management at four timeshare resorts.

Parkside Williamsburg Resort timeshare in Williamsburg, Virginia; Blue Water Resort timeshare in Nassau, Bahamas; The Soundings Seaside Resort timeshare in Dennis Port, Massachusetts (Cape Cod); and South Mountain Resort timeshare in Lincoln, New Hampshire will soon become part of the Bluegreen timeshare portfolio of exceptional properties.

South Mountain Resort timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Bluegreen timeshares was planning several major corporate changes in 2008 when the economy began to plummet and the credit markets dried up. Putting their plans on hold, the company was then forced to make cutbacks and changes, just as companies in many industries have been driven to do during this tight economy.

This new direction by Bluegreen timeshare is interesting on several levels. By providing services (for a fee) to smaller, independent timeshare companies, Bluegreen is expanding its business model. Not only will it service its clients and timeshare owners, but now the timeshare company is selling its skill at providing these services to other timeshare companies.

For each of the resorts, Bluegreen timeshare will provide operations and management, and select fee-based services including sales and marketing, risk management, and title and escrow. In some instances, Bluegreen timeshare will also be providing design and development planning, collections, and mortgage servicing, all on a fee basis.

Through the arrangement, Bluegreen Timeshare creates new income streams and adds four properties to the Bluegreen Vacation Club ® portfolio. The four timeshare resorts that become part of the Bluegreen inventory gain a depth of expertise and a scope of services that would be difficult and in some cases impossible for them to provide on their own.

In the company’s media release, President and CEO John M. Maloney, Jr., said, “We announced in January that we would actively pursue growth through fee-based services, which require minimal capital, if any. We couldn’t be happier with the interest shown in our services and the quality of properties we now have under contract.”

Historically, some of the most exciting changes in business occur because need or atypical stress forces companies to stretch harder, reach higher, and think miles beyond the box.