Westgate Timeshare Developer, David Siegel, Thinks Recycle, Not Rubbish

When the developer of Westgate timeshare resorts, David Siegel, realized that the restructuring going on at one of his Florida timeshares could yield recyclable materials, he contacted a nearby recycling company to assist him.

The resort, a Haines City, Florida timeshare, is eliminating its banquet facilities and kitchens, while reconfiguring and renovating other areas of the property. So Westgate resorts timeshares began working with Robert Wallick of Winter Garden, Florida, who not only took on the job, but added a humanitarian twist.

In addition to the piles of electrical wire, aluminum and other recyclable materials that he will process at his recycling plant, Wallick also loaded up kitchen items, floor lamps, light fixtures, books, and over 300 telephones (many equipped for the hearing impaired). He is making the home furnishing items available to the public to purchase, with proceeds from the sales going to benefit the Russell Home for Atypical Children.

As Wallick explained, “There’s so much stuff; it hurts me to see it being thrown away.”

Thanks to a little extra effort by Westgate timeshare resorts and by Robert Wallick and Associates, Inc., tons of metal, wire, and other materials are being recycled, saving our natural resources and reducing the load on the environment. In addition, furnishings from the timeshare units, which could have wound up in a landfill, are being purchased and put to use by thrifty consumers, benefitting a home for special needs children in the process.