Timeshare Resorts and Hotels See Strong Indicators of Client Satisfaction Despite the Economy

Are we appreciating our vacations more, now that times are tougher? Or are hoteliers and timeshare resorts stepping up their game, becoming better listeners and doing a better job of serving their guests and timeshare owners? Perhaps the answer is: both.

According to the J. D. Power and Associates 2009 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Index Study, guest satisfaction at four of six types of accommodations within the hotel industry improved for this year, compared with 2008, when guest opinion remained stable across all six types. Only extended stay properties (and these are extended stay hotels, not timeshare resorts or vacation ownership) saw a decrease. The six areas or types of hotel properties evaluated by the study were: (1) luxury, (2) upscale, (3) mid-scale full service, (4) mid-scale limited service, (5) economy/budget, and (6) extended stay hotels.

Satisfied Timeshare Owners

The timeshare industry uses various types of studies to measure timeshare guest or timeshare owner satisfaction. The State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study 2009 prepared primarily from data provided by timeshare resorts, timeshare developers, and management companies, (through a survey commissioned by the ARDA International Foundation (AIF) and conducted by Ernst & Young LLP) showed demonstrated owner satisfaction with timeshares. One fact cited by the study pointed out that forty-one percent of timeshare sales are from timeshare buyers who already own a timeshare with that developer. The AIF report also showed that timeshare resorts were able to add timeshare units and that timeshare occupancy rates have actually increased, with approximately 67 percent of resorts being at least eighty percent occupied, and 40 percent having occupancy of at least ninety percent, according to the Ernst & Young LLP study for the ARDA International Foundation.

Hoteliers and Timeshare Companies Rising to the Challenge

Michael Drago, director of the global hospitality and travel practice at J.D. Power and Associates, says, “Many hotel brands have successfully focused on guest satisfaction, despite steep rate discounts, staff declines, reductions in in-room amenities and a halt on renovations.” He points out that the hoteliers know that “… providing extraordinary guest service in a consistent manner, in both good times and bad, is a recipe for continued success.”

The hospitality industry has long been a vital part of the US economy. When hotel guest and timeshare owner satisfaction climbs it is evidence that hotels and timeshares are building stronger client relationships despites these tough times, working, as Drago says, “to provide extraordinary guest service.

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