Call that Timeshare a Pig Farm with a Pool

Some stories are just too interesting to pass up …

Pigs to pool to timeshare ... very clever.

An entrepreneurial and environmentally conscious farmer in Congresbury, Somerset, England gave up the business of pig farming, however continues to raise free-range hens, cattle, and miscanthus elephant grass.

And this elephant grass, it seems, can be burned as environmentally friendly fuel. So the farmer, who has a large empty building left over from his pig raising days, has decided to build an indoor swimming pool, (heated by burning the miscanthus elephant grass fuel) and to then adopt the timeshare sales business model of selling pool time on a timeshare basis. According to the news, the idea becomes “swimshare”.

Timesharing, a Very Logical Business Model

Yes, that’s it, the concept is: pigs to pool to timeshare.

And it is really quite ingenious, but shouldn’t come as a surprise. The idea of timesharing anything, whether it is vacation ownership property, luxury automobiles, stadium skyboxes, or designer handbags (all ideas we have talked about here on The Timeshare Authority) works as a successful business model every day. The concept of timeshare really does make sense. Buy only as much or as little as you need. Don’t want the cost and upkeep of a pool in your backyard? Then buy swim time on a timeshare basis.

But of course there will be some critics of the pig to pool to timeshare concept who come out of the woodwork to disparage and say, “Well, it’s not an investment!” And to them one can only say, “That’s right, it’s not. Timeshare was never meant to be an investment. Timeshare is a way to enjoy affordable ownership of something you perhaps could not otherwise own. And in this case, it is swimming pool ownership, without making a pig of yourself …

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