Sneak Preview of New RCI Timeshare Study

Group RCI has commissioned an in-depth study of patterns within the timeshare industry, particularly looking at where the top demand is for timeshare and where the busiest timeshare areas are located. Essentially, it’s to be a look at timeshare supply and timeshare demand.

Some of the points the RCI timeshare study is expected to show include geographic areas or vacation destinations where timeshares and timesharing has a limited presence as well as identifying areas where demand is being met and the needs of interested timeshare owners are being served. According to the soon-to-be-released RCI Timeshare study will show:

There are nine unban destinations and 18 vacation destinations that fall into the top 100 tourist locales in the US, yet offer no timeshare resorts.

Over 109 million US households do not own timeshare, nearly half of whom have incomes over $50,000, putting them into the pool of potential timeshare owners.

Timeshare: Is the Cup Half Empty or Half Full?

It is interesting to see research that focuses on making timeshare a better product with more application for more people. Perhaps the timeshare industry, like so many other areas of business, has been somewhat lulled into believing that its job is to convince people why they should want or need a timeshare.

In fact, the focus by all of us in the timeshare industry always should be on making timeshare into a product that better serves the vacation and travel wants or needs people already have.