Timeshare Owners Deserve to Know the Truth

Straight talk and answers are always a specialty with the National Timeshare Owners Association but this year their educational seminars and timeshare owners’ awareness presentations have taken on new necessity and purpose.

In the face of a challenging economy and higher than usual default rates on loans used to finance timeshare, some timeshare resorts or management associations have tried to compensate by raising annual fees or levying new charges on member/owners. How do you, as a timeshare owner, know your rights?

When you have timeshare questions or you want to better understand your rights and responsibilities, the National Timeshare Owners Association is there to help, including hosting special conferences this year in which timeshare owners have the opportunity to ask tough questions and get honest answers to their timeshare questions.

I’ll be speaking at the next timeshare owners information meeting, along with:

  • Woody Cary, president of Platinum Interchange timeshare exchange company and Tricom Management Company.
  • Lisa Anne Schreier, author of Timeshare Vacations for Dummies and Surviving a Timeshare Presentation.
  • Shep Altshuler, publisher of TimeSharing Today, The Independent Voice of Vacation Ownership.
  • Ed Hastry, founder and president of the National Timeshare Owners Association.

Attend the National Timeshare Owners Conference Nearest You. Get the Answers You Need and the Facts You Deserve

The conferences are open only to members of the National Timeshare Owners’ Association, and are scheduled around the US. The next meetings will be:

  • Sunday, October 4, 2009 1-4 PM Cherry Hill, New Jersey
  • Sunday October 18, 2009, 1-4 PM San Diego, California.
  • Sunday, October 18, 2009 1-4 PM Venice, Florida

Visit the NTOA website and find out how you can get the answers you seek and become a part of the solution in making timeshare ownership a better product now, and for the future! www.nationaltimeshareownersassoc.com