Timeshare Exchange Company, Interval International, Praised for Service

In a world where good customer service in any type of business just doesn’t happen as frequently as it should, this account of great service in timeshare exchange is welcomed news.

Timeshare owner, Rodney Van Housen wrote a Letter to the Editor that ran in the September/October edition of Timesharing Today. He chronicled the excellent customer service he received while trying to reserve a Branson timeshare, followed by a consecutive week in a Texas timeshare through the timeshare exchange company Interval International.

Mr. Van Housen had several specifications to address in arranging his timeshare exchange. His range for travel dates was narrow and he wasn’t sure if his timeshare points would cover both timeshare exchange weeks. But the representative at Interval International was undaunted by the challenge. So over the course of a three-hour international phone call, during which the representative and Van Housen were disconnected twice, plans were made, adjusted, and remade until finally the timeshare owner had just exactly the timeshare exchange he wanted.

Yes, You Can Exchange Timeshare

I’ve heard it before and so have you: the allegation that you can’t exchange timeshare. And timeshare owners who try to exchange timeshare but cannot be flexible about dates and resorts may have a harder time getting the timeshare exchange they want. But testimonies like this one from Timesharing Today are proof that the option to exchange timeshare really does increase its vacation value for the owner. And whether you want a Branson timeshare, a Texas timeshare, or a Manhattan timeshare condo, the combination of persistence and a dedicated timeshare exchange company are the ingredients that make the important difference.