The Today Show’s Real Estate Expert Who Suggests Sell My Timeshare NOW, a Star on Shark Tank

Did you see Tuesday night’s episode of Shark Tank on ABC? Inventors and entrepreneurs present their ideas to a panel of multimillionaire investors, with each entrepreneur hoping to secure backing for his or her fledgling business.

Yes, there are some similar shows (or have been in the past) but this one has more personality and zip and perhaps will make a bigger hit with audiences and claim higher ratings. Our interest in the show was captured when we realized that included among the board of millionaire expert investors is Real Estate Mogul Barbara Corcoran – the same Barbara Corcoran who last year told millions of viewers on The Today Show that the best place to sell timeshare is online.

Corcoran went on to identify during her The Today Show interview, that there are a “couple of websites that sell timeshares only” and then named Follow this link to learn more about Barbara Corcoran’s wisdom on the best way to sell timeshare.

And, for the fun of it, watch this video from Shark Tank: