Social Media, The Timeshare Authority, and Twitter

Are you following Sell My Timeshare NOW on Twitter? You can find us at JasonTremblay_ and at VacationHotDeal. You will also see we’ve added my own Twitter feed @JasonTremblay_ here to the front page of The Timeshare Authority Blog and hope to have @VacationHotDeal posted here soon.

Besides the fact that Twitter is fresh, fun, and highly interactive, it is also a great tool for Sell My Timeshare NOW to use to provide timeshare owners with a ‘micro blog’ of updated information about timeshare sales, timeshare resales, travel, and the timeshare ownership and travel industries.

Faster to publish than a blog post, Twitter lets me share with you 140 characters about what is going on in the world that may be of interest to you and other timeshare owners, vacationers, travelers or anyone seeking great deals on travel accommodations.

So here’s how you can be part of Sell My Timeshare NOW and The Timeshare Authority‘s social media message on Twitter:

  1. If you are not already following us on both of these two Twitter accounts, please sign up to follow. We’ll almost always follow you back.
  2. If we tweet something you think would be of interest to others, please Retweet it to your followers.
  3. And if you have questions or comments, send them by direct message. We’ll try to answer as many of them as we can.