Hoteliers and Timeshare Companies Get Attacked in the Strangest Ways

Last week the Hilton Hotels Corporation announced that the company was officially becoming Hilton Worldwide, a name change they feel better reflects their global image and position. To go with the name change, they relocated corporate headquarters from Beverly Hills, California to McLean, Virginia.

They also threw out their old logo and they are in the process of replacing it with a new one that is surprising similar to the old one. Instead of the previous blue Hilton logo, which featured an upright letter “H”, Hilton Worldwide will be using what appears to be an “H” turned over on its side. The color scheme has also changed from blue to a platinum and gold combination.

According to executives at Hilton, the name and logo change should make it easier for consumers to recognize hotel and resort properties that are part of the Hilton Worldwide’s HHonors program. HHonors will share the same new logo as the hotel division, but branded with the words HHonors instead of “Hilton Worldwide”.

And while none of this seems like such a radical change and actually makes a lot of sense for a corporation that is part of the hotel and timeshare industry where many companies are reevaluating their focus and direction, Hilton sure has drawn criticism for their actions.

It seems that suddenly people “loved” the previous Hilton logo and now are very critical of the new one, which as I mentioned, doesn’t look so very different from the previous one. Critics have been quick to jump on the bandwagon saying that the cost of replacing the logo, companywide, is frivolous in the current economy. But let’s face it, every branded item, from business cards to hotel signage has a shelf life and is due to be replaced sooner or later anyway.

Taking Potshots at Hotels, Timeshare Companies, and Timeshare Resales Companies

It appears to me (IMHO) that some people like to take pot shots at companies and corporations, thinking that they are an easy target and can always be painted as the greedy bad guy. But let’s just remember that companies and corporations are nothing more than people, like all other consumers. They are built and carried on the backs of individuals working hard for a living, paying taxes, serving their communities, and trying to get by. I can’t imagine that most of these people wake up each day and say, “Let’s see how much corporate money we can waste today.”

There’s no defending greed, and certainly we have all seen indications that some people at the helm of various companies have demonstrated self-indulgence and a lack of respect for their companies, co-workers, and the customers who helped grow these companies with their business. But for every one greedy executive who makes the news, there are dozens, hundreds, thousands, and perhaps tens of thousands of individuals who work for that company and strive every day to serve their clients and customers at the highest levels.

Corporate responsibility isn’t dead, even though it may not be making headline news. And just because there are some rotten apples out there, you can’t paint all companies and corporations with the “ugly” paintbrush. People rush to the press, to social media platforms, and online bulletin boards with all sorts of criticisms of companies both large and even those as small as Sell My Timeshare NOW.

But perhaps it is time—maybe past time—for Americans to start pulling together more. For us to stop looking for scapegoats and whipping posts in politics, business, or any other segment of life. If you have a valid complaint or issue, contact the company. They will probably bend over backward trying to accommodate you. And before you launch an online campaign of complaints, remember that that corporate identity you are attacking, is nothing more than real people, trying to do their best every single day.

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