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This weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, bloggers and representatives from all areas of the media are gathering for the BlogWorld & New Media Expo 2009. We’re very interested in this event, as well as all the other developments in business communication and information exchange that are happening today.

Publishing The Timeshare Authority blog has given all of us at Sell My Timeshare NOW a better perspective on the purpose, the power, and the effectiveness of blogging as part of ‘New Media.’ But if you are not sure what the words New Media really include, don’t feel bad, the concept is literally being defined and redefined daily as everyone involved in communications, marketing, and business tries to understand the changes that are happening around us.

The concept we all understood of the media telling the public what is going on in the world today is being challenged, replaced by New Media that is much more about the public telling the media what is going on instead. User-driven, user-defined, New Media is not just new technologies for delivering information; it is a whole new way of engaging and exchanging information.

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At Sell My Timeshare NOW, we’ve been blogging on The Timeshare Authority (formerly The Timeshare Owners Blog) for over five years. And you’ll find us on Twitter as well: @VacationHotDeal

We are also working to establish our communication channels through other areas of social media, such as Facebook. It is not a matter of Sell My Timeshare NOW “talking” to you, but much more about the opportunity for timeshare owners, timeshare buyers, renters, and sellers communicating with us and with each other and making the timeshare sales and timeshare resales industries stronger , more responsible, and better in tune with people’s real needs.

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