Wyndham Timeshare Makes Top 100 for Environmental Responsibility

Wyndham Worldwide Corporation, which includes Wyndham timeshare, has been ranked among the Top 100 greenest companies in America, according to Newsweek Magazine.

To establish the rankings, Newsweek looks at America’s 500 largest publically traded companies based upon number of employees, revenue, and market capitalization. Wyndham Worldwide and Wyndham timeshare ranked number 81 when evaluating factors such as regulatory compliance, toxic waste emissions, greenhouse gas emissions, environmental issues and policies, and use of natural resources.

Stephen P. Holmes, Wyndham Worldwide chairman and chief executive officer, says, “We are honored to be recognized by Newsweek as a national leader in sustainability. We are committed to conserving our natural resources, preserving our habitats and preventing pollution. With more than 70,000 locations in 100 countries, we can make a tremendous impact in our communities around the globe.”

Wyndham was evaluated in as part of the category: Media, Travel, and Leisure and within this group, ranked among the Top 10.

Congratulations, Wyndham timeshare, on working to achieve greater environmental responsibility and setting important new standards in the timeshare industry.